The most advanced LinkedIn and email automation platform

1-click sourcing

Easily import profiles that you like from LinkedIn to jobRely platform.

Bulk import

Upload multiple profiles to jobRely platform at once from LinkedIn Sales Navigator or CSV file.

Mobile app

Conveniently review profiles that fit nicely on a mobile screen with lots of supporting info at your fingertips.

Seamless LinkedIn and email integration

You can start your sequences via LinkedIn  and reach out to non-responders on email, or vice versa.

Multiple accounts, one inbox

Connect multiple LinkedIn and email accounts to jobRely dashboard and manage them from one place.

LinkedIn Safety

Dedicated IP addresses, browser fingerprinting, AES-256 encryption, activity limits - it’s all covered.

Messages A/B testing

Set your A/B testing criteria and continue campaigns with messages that convert best.

Scheduled messages

Got a “maybe” response? Schedule the follow-up now and don’t worry about it later - we’ve got you covered.

AI suggested responses

Teach our AI to respond on your behalf and sit back while leads appear on your calendar automatically.

Collaborate with your team

Invite your colleagues to work on your projects and assign their roles - Recruiter, Hiring Manager, SDR, Head of Sales, and others.

Intuitive analytics

Get insights on your projects at a glance.

Speed up your projects with our on-demand services


Tired of sourcing? We will handpick the best profiles.

Message copies

Our copywriters will write catchy messages for your campaigns.


Delaying your responses? We will answer on time on your behalf.

Ready to scale?