"Once we learned about jobRely we immediately realized the potential to use it for recruitment abroad. It took 6 weeks to hire our first senior developer in Serbia. Thank you for your flexibility during the process and really nice platform. Keep up the good work!"

Eglė Zarembė, Talent Acquisition Lead

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Rytis Tekorius, VP of Engineering
Finding interested candidates for a position can be tedious and time consuming. We’re glad we found jobRely to take this burden away from us. With their help we’ve managed to hire a developer that we were looking for.
Eglė Stebulienė, CEO
We are a fast-developing company and attracting motivated employees is one of our major goals. jobRely perfectly meets our needs and enables our growth!
Benas Zibolis, Talent Acquisition Specialist
jobRely has helped us effectively manage our workload. Sourcing potential team members on LinkedIn takes up a lot of time that could be spent on higher priority tasks, especially when our company has gone through it’s most rapid growth stage to date. Hence, jobRely allowed us to optimize our recruitment efforts, without sacrificing quality.
Julija Narkytė, Talent Acquisition Partner
NanoAvionics manufactures small satellites in Lithuania. Since we are the only such producer in the market, finding talents locally is a challenge. However, with jobRely we successfully filled Mission Control Software Engineer position, and as a bonus, we hired Embedded Software Engineer from the same candidate pipeline too. jobRely definitely exceeded our expectations!
Oleg Murasko, VP of Engineering
I found jobRely to be a great addition to my headhunting toolbox, combining simple yet powerful combination of a well-structured sourcing funnel, facilitated reach out approach plus personal touch with each candidate - an outbound channel on steroids!
Irmantas Venckus, Senior Vice President for Projects and Architecture
Thanks to Job Rely we can hire smarter and faster. Great integrations and functions enable automation and increase the efficiency of our talent acquisition processes. We are highly recommending you to try it!
Jelena Balkūnaitė-Cyba, HR Business Partner
We had an urgent need for Project Managers and JobRely came to our aid. In less than a month they provided us with 15 candidates! Following the interview process, we made offers to three of them to join the Zenitech community. Very efficient, fast, and fantastic result!
Rimantė Ribačiauskaitė, COO
We are growing our team with jobRely. Excellent candidate pipeline from Lithuania and abroad. Great service!
Linas Šukevičius, Lead Software Engineer
Finding an Android programmer in Lithuania, and for a part-time, sounded like an extremely difficult task. Luckily jobRely helped me and a month later we shook hands with a new team member!
Roberta Mikalauskaitė, HR Manager
Despite the small number of CRO specialists in Lithuania, jobRely was able to organize 11 interviews. We made a hire in less than a month.
Antanas Bakšys, CEO
I got a 60% response rate from 44 profiles and found 4 strong candidates in just two weeks using jobRely automation platform. This is like a 30k saving on an executive search firm!
Julius Gregorauskas, Founder & CEO
I hired two Country Managers this year. I found one in Latvia with a recruitment agency and another one in Estonia through jobRely. It was 3 times quicker and 3 times cheaper with jobRely.
Tomas Mikelskas, CTO / CEO
jobRely arranged 11 interviews with Python developers and we hired 7 of them. Excellent value for $2,000.
Vaida Greičiūtė, CEO
We, the Corner Case Technologies team, are very happy with jobRely services which have allowed us to find our valuable team members. jobRely helped to reduce the headhunting resources in terms of time and cost. We were very excited to receive a list of the candidates having a strong interest within our company as well as great recommendations and support for recruiting and headhunting processes. We are planning to use jobRely again when in need for new colleagues!
Tomas Balzekas, CEO
Before the launch of our new state-of-the-art telemedicine platform, we used jobRely to reach out to all doctors in Lithuania. We are busy working on more than a hundred leads created during the process.
Tadas Jucikas, Founder and CEO
Hiring directly from a wide pool of candidates is so much more effective than choosing from random candidates presented by recruiters. So I've canceled all recruiters and will hire direct with jobRely now.
Julius Narkus, Senior Manager, Demand Generation and Growth Operations
I was in the process of building a sales team when the number of and the quality of candidates sent to me by traditional recruiters started drying out. The wide pool of passive candidates was tempting to explore, and the cost-effective process that jobRely pitched me sounded perfect. I didn't expect much, but they nailed it. Interviews started appearing on my calendar in less than 2 weeks and we made a hire in less than a month. I recommended jobRely to other hiring managers at Lumity.
Vilius Fokas, Project Director
We were hiring a senior technical role and jobRely platform was key in reaching passive candidates. With its easy to use recruitment assistant, we were able to quickly get in touch with potential candidates and schedule interviews in a fraction of time it takes with the conventional approach. Great service and great team.
Ethan Landau, Strategy & Operations
JobRely allowed me to guide the search for our engineering hire, while taking all the tedious and time-consuming tasks off my plate. The result is a very efficient and cost-effective service. I'll be using them again!
Dwayne Lyle, VP Sales
I used jobRely for the Account Executive role based in New York and I was very happy to get 9 qualified interviews in just two weeks. Great service!
Eran Amir, Founder and CEO
With jobRely I found a Co-Founder CMO in less than a month at 10x less cost than with traditional recruiters. They provide a perfect balance between outsourcing and doing everything myself. Definitely recommended.
Curo Pet Care
We had been searching for a Director of Finance both on our own and and through recruiter without luck for months. We hired jobRely and whithin weeks had filled the role. The process was efficient and smooth, and quickly generated high quality candidates in our area, we highly recommend them for your search!

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